Shoulder Plastic Surgery

shoulder plastic surgery

Shoulder Plastic Surgery

Shoulder plastic surgery is performed to correct a deformity, produce greater muscular bulk and definition in the shoulder area or address damage from injury or trauma. This procedure is most commonly performed for men, who are interested in a more defined and masculine appearance.

It is important to understand that while shoulder implants are often performed for cosmetic reasons, this type of surgery may also be recommended if a patient is experiencing significant pain from rotator cuff dysfunction or a shoulder injury, or if non-surgical methods such as prescription medication, physical therapy, and immobilization fail to provide relief from the condition.

Before any surgical procedure, a patient must undergo a comprehensive examination by the surgeon to determine whether or not they are a good candidate for surgery. A patient’s medical history is reviewed, blood work and X-rays are obtained to help detect any issues that could compromise the results of the surgery or cause complications. During this time, the surgeon will evaluate the patient’s range of motion and strength, as well as the stability of the joint. 어깨필러

After a thorough examination, the doctor will recommend treatment options. If the doctor recommends a surgical procedure, they will explain why they feel it is necessary and what benefits the patient can expect from the surgery. They will also discuss potential risks and complications that may occur during or after the operation.

A rotator cuff tear, or tendonitis, is a common source of shoulder pain for many people. It is a result of overuse or an injury to the shoulder, and it can affect people of all ages and lifestyles. The symptoms include painful grinding in the shoulder, difficulty reaching overhead or behind, and weakness from lack of use.

To repair a shoulder injury, an orthopedic surgeon or an orthopaedic doctor will first perform an arthroscopic examination of the shoulder. This will involve inserting a small camera through an incision and looking inside the joint to identify any problems such as loose cartilage, bone spurs or other growths. They will then remove the damaged tissue and fix any issues that are causing friction in the joint to relieve pain and discomfort.

In total shoulder replacement, an orthopedic doctor will replace the round end (ball) of your arm bone with a metal stem and then replace the socket part (glenoid) of the shoulder joint with a metal cup with a plastic liner. The new shoulder will restore movement and relieve your pain.

A reverse shoulder replacement has a different design that is used when the shoulder arthritis is severe and the rotator cuff is torn. This design offers more stability and does not rely on the rotator cuff to hold the joint in place. It can be done as a same-day outpatient procedure for select patients.

After the surgery, the doctor will recommend a physical therapy program to speed recovery and improve shoulder strength and function. During this time, patients should avoid lifting anything above waist height and follow the doctor’s instructions on how to keep the wound clean and dry. 키성형