Preparations of Future Investments

Component 1, “Water Resource Management Institutions, Decision Support Systems and Capacity Building” component has seven tasks to implement.

One of those seven tasks is “Preparations of Future Investments”. This task is the offspring of the new paradigm that we used for Ayeyarwady Integrated Basin Development Master Plan. The Ayeyarwady Integrated Basin Development Master Plan will be completed as planned, however, the most certain development projects which are essential parts of the whole Master Plan can begin as soon as the concept is clear and acceptable under triple bottom line criteria. Triple bottom line can be described (1) economically viable, (2) environmentally sustainable, and (3) socially inclusive qualities. If such type of projects is identified, the AIRBM Project Component (1) will use its allocated resources to prepare for future investments to make such projects implementation possible.

Preparation of Future Investments (PFI) has allocated budget US$7 million. This sub-component will support preparation activities for priority investments that may be financed under future phases of this Series of Projects. It will finance feasibility studies, procurement and safeguards related activities, workshops and study tours and other activities as agreed between the WBG and GoM. It will not finance detailed design work. This financing will create an incentive to develop projects within the NWRC framework – to identify, and prepare projects to international quality standards, within an integrated basin framework and in accordance with basin wide development objectives. To be eligible for PFI funding, a project must be consistent with the Ayeyarwady Basin Master Plan (Sub-component 1.2a) and with the Bank’s engagement objectives in Myanmar.

The first project of this kind has been identified as “ Yangon Region IWRM Project”. The concept note can be seen as a Preparation of Future Investment (1) Proposed Yangon Region IWRM Project Concept file attached.