What Is a Business Item?

A business item is a good, service, information, object or event that combines tangible and intangible attributes to satisfy a need or want. Business items are sold to customers,사업아이템 used internally by the company and can be either physical or intangible. A toothbrush is a good example of a business product, because it is the tangible item that a company sells to the consumer to meet the consumers need for better oral health.

In the context of enterprise process modeling, a business item represents a piece of data that flows from one activity to another. This data can be a simple string, or it can be based on a complex type such as a business object or Web Services Description Language (WSDL) message. Business items are contained in a business vocabulary and can be displayed to business users in a process map or other business design document as an alias for the underlying data.

There are two types of business items: supply items and non-inventory items. Supplies do not become part of the final product that is sold to a customer and can include everything from pens to Champion copier paper to Pennzoil machine oil. These are typically purchased in bulk and are relatively low-cost items that have little impact on the company’s long-term profits.프랜차이즈순위

Non-inventory items, on the other hand, are products that a company sells without ever possessing or tracking as inventory. For example, a custom kitchen cabinet might be a non-inventory item that is fabricated for a specific client. Other examples might be 30 desk chairs that are dropshipped directly from the manufacturer to a customer as part of an office remodel project.

By defining the correct business item hierarchy, businesses can more easily input and manage product and supplier information into their PIM system, freeing up time to focus on other business tasks. In addition, conforming to the appropriate business item hierarchy can help increase sales and streamline internal processes.